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Curbing Impulse Buys

August 24th, 2006 at 02:14 pm

I've been reading a whole bunch and have some new ideas for my challenge.

My first one is this:
Any unnecessary spending will have to be matched in my $20 challenge. For example- if I stop at Wendy's for a frosty then not only will it cost me the $1.05 for my treat, I'll have to put $1.05 in my jar too. So that means I'd be out double the money. I'm hoping this will curb my impulse buys. I usually don't treat myself to fast food very often, but I do have the hardest time saying no to clearance items! And maby I'll even take it one step further- if I do resist temptation then I'll take half the money I would of spent and put it in the challenge jar. That should help build it up!

And I'm devising other things that if I do then I'll pay my challenge jar. For now I've added $10.35 to it- the silver from my change purse that normally would get wasted on quarter machines for the boys & maby an occasional frosty. Smile

Previous Total: 20.00
Change Purse Silver: 10.35
Challenge Jar Total: 30.35

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