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My $20 challenge starts today!

August 24th, 2006 at 01:56 pm

First off- I'm changing it from the original challenge so it'll be a little more realistic for me. I'm starting the $20 Challenge because I think it'll be a great motivator. I'm making this as a challenge to myself to see how small things really can make big differences. The end result will be applied to my dh's credit card and my goal of being debt-free.

These are the "rules" I've decided on:

1) My goal is $150 by 2007, subject to be raised if I find it's easier to obtain than predicted.
2) I'm starting out fresh- with only $20 and no past savings (like current change tin) to be put towards the challenge.
3) I can use challenge money to "fund" sales that will bring more money. (For example- selling things on ebay or half.com)
4) Any "non-income money" can be used towards the challenge. Such as rebates, paid surveys, pop bottle returns & such.

I'm using the $20 profit I still have leftover from my garage sale a few weeks ago to start my challenge. I think I'm going to label a jar and put it by the computer for daily reminder/inspiration. Well, I guess that's all I can think of now- I might come back and add or modify things later. Wish me luck!

Starting Balance: 20.00

2 Responses to “My $20 challenge starts today!”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Good luck. I save all the money I get from coupons and with my Ingles advantage card and add it to my challenge money.

  2. faeanne Says:

    ima saver~
    I love your idea- I wish could do the same! I'm trying to find ways every day to add to it. I might have to clean under the couch cusions one of these days though! LOL

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