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Coupons = Free Items = A Happy Challenge Jar

August 28th, 2006 at 12:29 pm

I've always loved the idea of taking the money you saved using coupons and putting it away. Unfortunately my budget won't allow me to do that- I have to use coupons so the money we save can go towards bills & such. But I figured out an alternative idea- I decided that every time I get free items due to my coupon usage I'm going to put .10 into my challenge jar. (I wanted to do .25 for every free item, but I got 38 free items this weekend and I don't have the 9.50 to donate right now!)

So here's where I'm at with my challenge so far:

$33.35 Challenge Jar
3.80 for Free Items
1.92 Change found cleaning bedroom
39.07 New Total for Challeng Jar

The Grocery Game

August 27th, 2006 at 04:59 pm

I just gotta say I *LOVE* coupons! Months ago I was clueless- I never used coupons. I just bought generic brands & what I thought was stuff on a good sale. I was always running to the store & spending more money that I needed. Then I discovered The Grocery Game and my life was changed. I learned the phrases "Phantom Sale", "Rock-bottom Price" & "Stockpile". Now I'm a smart shopper. I don't fall for those fake sales & buying something without a coupon is unheard of. I routinely get items for free or close to it. My savings are normally around 70%, sometimes more, sometimes less and my family is eating better that we ever have.

My Miller's Grocery Tally

Friday- 70% Savings
$30.16 Shelf total
21.02 Coupon total
$9.14 Total paid

Saturday- 73% Savings
$44.29 Shelf total
31.96 Coupon total
$12.33 Total paid

Sunday- 80% Savings
$36.68 Shelf total
28.91 Coupon total
$7.77 Total paid