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Zoo Trip

September 3rd, 2006 at 08:24 am

We took the boys to the zoo yesterday for one last trip before school starts. We packed a lunch & just used what we had already, so we saved money there. Admission was free thanks to our zoo membership from another zoo. The boys brought their own spending money, so I didn't have to listen to whining for outrageously expensive items.

I did splurge though & bought them each a nice plastic cup with a lid for $1.99 each. I really like the cups for use at home (less spillage). I justified the expense because they had a coupon in them for a free freezie (sp?) and members also get free fountain refills.

On the way home we stopped at BK and got something to eat. No high-priced meals for us though- everyone gets a burger (DH got 2), the boys split a large fry and we got water to drink.

Daily Spending:
$6.00 Zoo cups
$8.02 BK

$7.01 matched in challenge jar for a new total of : $49.41

Rite-Aid Double Dip Days

September 1st, 2006 at 06:45 pm

I went to Rite-Aid today for "Double Dip Days." Basically- at the end/beginning of every month some of their rebates overlap. And sometimes there's some really sweet deals because of it. This month it's today & tomorrow. I paid $29.99 for a "Home Cafe Coffee System" that was priced $59.99. And I'll get a $20 rebate for August & a $20 rebate for September. Yep, you did the math right- I'm going to actually make $10 off this deal. Plus I have either a great Christmas present or an item to put on ebay & make more money. I also plan on going back tomorrow to get some other items.

I spent a total of $40.88, but I got some really sweet deals because they also have 75% off their summer items. I picked up 3 cool crayola things for the boys for xmas and a frisbee & 3 balls for them to play with now. Since I didn't need to buy the toys I'm going to match the spendings in my challenge jar. So that's an additional 3.33 making a new total of $42.40.

Bargain Shopping Day

August 26th, 2006 at 01:36 pm

Summer Saturday's are my bargain shopping days. If the weather's right I'm out scouring yard sales for unbeatable deals. For just $8.25 my great finds today were a like new Michigan Fleece & cute fall shirt for me, 3 school shirts, jean shorts, pj's, undies, snow pants & sandals for my 2 oldest DS and a New "Picnic Backpack".

Now we needed everything except the Picnic Backpack, but I've wanted one for so long I couldn't resist. And it was only $2.00!!! So I'll match that in my challenge jar and still be way happy!

**I'll add in a picture of it after supper!**

I also went to Goodwill today. I love that place! Especially on the last Saturday of the month- everything's 1/2 off! I only spent 2.62 there. Added to my winter decor with a snowflake tealight holder, fed my book obsession, got my middle DS a needed school box and picked up 2 Pokemon Invites & 2 pokemon napkins for my DS birthday party. So that's another $1.00 matched in my challenge jar.

$8.25 Yard Sales
+ 2.62 Goodwill
$10.87 Total Daily Spending

Challenge Jar
$30.35 Total Before
+ 3.00 Matched Spending
$33.35 New Total