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Coupons = Free Items = A Happy Challenge Jar

August 28th, 2006 at 12:29 pm

I've always loved the idea of taking the money you saved using coupons and putting it away. Unfortunately my budget won't allow me to do that- I have to use coupons so the money we save can go towards bills & such. But I figured out an alternative idea- I decided that every time I get free items due to my coupon usage I'm going to put .10 into my challenge jar. (I wanted to do .25 for every free item, but I got 38 free items this weekend and I don't have the 9.50 to donate right now!)

So here's where I'm at with my challenge so far:

$33.35 Challenge Jar
3.80 for Free Items
1.92 Change found cleaning bedroom
39.07 New Total for Challeng Jar

5 Responses to “Coupons = Free Items = A Happy Challenge Jar”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Good going!

  2. melissalt Says:

    Wow! 38 free items -- that's amazing! I wish they had The Grocery Game in my area, but CVS is the only store on the list.

  3. mschluckbier Says:

    jessica, Thats a great idea!!! My original idea was 10% of coupon savings..BUT I've saved over $1K in coupons this month and I have a wedding to pay for!!! LOL! I think I'm gonna go with your idea, its MUCH better than mine for us heavy coupon users!!!!!!

  4. faeanne Says:

    ima saver~
    Thanks for the encouragement! I love reading your blog- you're an inspirations!

    Yeah- I love free things! It was actually multiples of four items- Smucker's Grape Jelly, Skippy PB Snack Bars, Angel Soft TP & Sparkle Paper Towels- but they're all quickly used in my house. If I get them free now then I won't have to pay for them later. In regards to the Grocery Game- I suggest buying the field guide they have available. It's got a ton of valuable information that teaches you how to get the best deals on your own. All my grocery shopping this weekend was actually at a local store that isn't available through GG- it's one that I make my own list for every week.

    Thanks- I'm glad my idea has helped you! You sound like you love coupons as much as me! Do you have a blog here? If so I think I'd like to check it out. I know how much wedding's cost & how hard it is to save money for them. But at least you're much smarter about all this than when I was planning mine. Good luck!

  5. flash Says:

    38 free items is great! With all the new rules being put in place, I'm surprised you found a store that will still allow you to put so many coupons through at once. Congrats!

    Check out couponmom.com, they have a virtual coupon organizer, and hotcouponworld's database is the best. They have ALL coupons, printables, blinkies, whatever, so just search for the products on sale before you sale, and it will point you to all the coupons out there for the product.

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