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Rite-Aid Double Dip Days

September 1st, 2006 at 06:45 pm

I went to Rite-Aid today for "Double Dip Days." Basically- at the end/beginning of every month some of their rebates overlap. And sometimes there's some really sweet deals because of it. This month it's today & tomorrow. I paid $29.99 for a "Home Cafe Coffee System" that was priced $59.99. And I'll get a $20 rebate for August & a $20 rebate for September. Yep, you did the math right- I'm going to actually make $10 off this deal. Plus I have either a great Christmas present or an item to put on ebay & make more money. I also plan on going back tomorrow to get some other items.

I spent a total of $40.88, but I got some really sweet deals because they also have 75% off their summer items. I picked up 3 cool crayola things for the boys for xmas and a frisbee & 3 balls for them to play with now. Since I didn't need to buy the toys I'm going to match the spendings in my challenge jar. So that's an additional 3.33 making a new total of $42.40.

2 Responses to “Rite-Aid Double Dip Days”

  1. Delshon Chestnut Says:

    Hey great blog by the way. Its funny I was looking to get that same coffee maker. If you ever use if let me know what its like.
    But I went to Rite Aid today and got a great deal on batteries half price compared to every other drug store in NYC .

  2. faeanne Says:

    Thanks a lot- You really brightened my day! This whole blog thing is still new to me, so I'm still fumbling around. LOL We'll never personally use it because we don't drink coffee. (Doesn't that sound idiotic somewhat since I just bought a coffee maker?) I'm hoping to give it as a x-mas gift. But if I can't find someone who needs it then I'll probably sell it on ebay.

    Rite Aid had batteries half price? Oh- I wish I would of gotten in on that. We go through them like water in this house. Is it expensive living in NYC? I've never been there, always wanted to.

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