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Mystery Shopping

September 7th, 2006 at 08:01 am

Now that my 2 oldest boys are back in school I've decided to start mystery shopping again. I'm going to limit it to my hometown though because of gas prices. Most shops don't pay much, but every little bit counts. Plus I get reimbursed for purchases (within limits) so that equals free necessities. I decided any money I make, including reimbursements, will go in my challenge jar. I'm hoping to use money out-of-pocket to pay for any purchases, but occassionaly I may need to fund my mystery shopping from the challenge jar. For those times I will think of it as an investment.

I already completed my first assignment last night. I got my hair cut (which I desperately needed) at a reputable salon. I will be reimbursed the $14 I spent and paid $5 for the shop. I also have a grocery shop scheduled for tomorrow. That will pay $7 and I will be reimbursed $15.

I'm going to list the mystery shops as pending till I actually have the money to deposit in my Challeng Jar


$14.00 MS Hair Cut Reimbursment
$ 5.00 MS Hair Cut Pay
$15.00 MS Grocery Shop Reimbursment
$ 7.00 MS Grocery Shop Pay

3 Responses to “Mystery Shopping”

  1. American Debt Consolidation Says:

    I live in a rural town and would LOVE to be able to mystery shop, but I don't think I could do that around here. Every little bit helps and if you're getting free necessities-it's worth it. A penny saved...

  2. flash Says:

    I signed up to be a mystery shopper once, but I never did complete the process. Can you share which site you used that's legit? Can you use coupons when you shop?

  3. freeme journey Says:

    I start Mystery Shopping in 2 weeks times for a restaurant chain - a total of 22 restaurants for $30 per shop and $15 vouchers to spend plus they are paying my mileage. I am really looking forward to it AND it will count as a treat for DD when we eat out. We have never had a budget for eating out.
    Have fun Smile

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